Spring and Summer Trophy Sturgeon fishing dates are still available!

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Fish the beautiful lower Hells Canyon region of Washington and Idaho.

Call for available dates. Give yourself and family a great outing. Fish for true trophy sized fish!

Tom Bullock (509-295-1904)
Please leave a message as I am still fishing steelhead and am out of phone range until evening hours. I will return your call as soon as possible. Thank you.

Anglers interested in fishing trophy Sturgeon in the Hells Canyon region now is the time to book your spring trip. Our prime dates in early April through June always book quickly! Enjoy the Snake River's most productive period for oversized fish without having to deal with the busy summer boat traffic.

Tom Bullock is providing a full service fishing experience for those who want to try Sturgeon  fishing. Prime dates are available. For more information visit the Sturgeon Fishing  page

Call or email Tom at
srgs@wcafish.com  - or toll free 1-844-684-0218
                      Clearwater River Fall and Winter Steelhead Fishing | Gear or Fly Fishing
Quiet Comfortable Drift Boats

Clearwater River Company (CRC) offers top quality guide services for steelhead from Kooskia to Lewiston Idaho on the Clearwater River. CRC has top notch guides that provide Gear and Spey/Fly fishing trips. All trips are taken on drift boats and include a boat lunch, tackle/flies, rods, reels and an exceptional 9-hour day out on the water. Contact Tom Bullock for information. Your trip will be with Clearwater River Company LLC

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Book your Sturgeon trip on the Snake River Now...Prime dates will go fast after the first of the year

See one of these beautiful fish up close and personal!

Snake River Fishing report  with current information  
General timetable for fishing
STEELHEAD: August through March
Fall CHINOOK: September  Through October
STURGEON and CATFISH: March through September
SMALLMOUTH BASS and TROUT: April through September
Clearwater River has world class Steelhead fishing. The large B-Run fish are what anglers from throughout the country come to Idaho with the hope of catching.  This river also has good Trout and White Fish fishery. 
The Clearwater is suitable for most types of fishing. This includes Fly fishing, jig and bobber, spinner or bait fishing. The river is very shallow during the late summer months with increased flows in the fall and winter after the seasonal monsoons start. The Clearwater also lives up to it's name..it is extremely clear which adds to the challenge of steelhead fishing.
Grande Rode River is another small river that flows through Oregon and into Washington.  There is great bass, trout and steelhead fishing in this stream. The Rode is well suited to the fly fisher and for those who prefer bait or spinners. Summer Falmouth bass and the winter run Steelhead provide year around fishing. Good road access along some of this river provides numerous places to fish. There are also areas that are breadless and can provide a nice one or two day float trip.

Idaho Salmon also migrate up the Clearwater every spring and fall. Depending on the year there is an exciting and popular fishery that takes place in April and May as well as September and October on the Snake and Clearwater River.
Our Region has two separate Runs of Steelhead

The Snake River steelhead run has been known for large numbers of fish in the October and November time frame. These fish tend to congregate in the area from Clarkston to the Salmon River.
Snake River Region information
Clearwater River Steelhead Fishing | Grande Ronde River | Snake River Steelhead Fishing
Smallmouth Bass
Families have great fun and an experience they will never forget
Snake River is a medium sized river that extends from the confluence of the Columbia River and ends in Wyoming after traveling through 6 states and covering 1078 miles.
This river has numerous dams which control river flows with lengths of free flowing river. The Dams cause varied environments that are home to a number of fish species and provides a home to deer, elk, bear, river otters as well as many species of birds.

The Snake is also home to some unique fish that have become a major sportsman interest. The White Sturgeon, a fish that has not changed since the dinosaurs walked the earth and the Salmon and steelhead that are spawned here and contribute a large portion of these migratory fish that enters the Columbia River each year..
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A very large trophy sturgeon from the Snake River
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Sturgeon Jumping
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Trophy Fish can be a handful even after you catch them!
Tom Bullock toll free 1-844-684-0218  - srgs@wcafish.com
Tom Bullock can provide more information .1-844-684-0218 - SRGS@wcafish.com
Tom Bullock toll free 1-844-684-0218 - srgs@wcafish.com
During the peak peak period we have an influx of guides from throughout the state of Washington that utilize this fishery when it gets hot and heavy around the Grande Ronde and the Salmon River. The Heller Bar area is well known for great fishing during this time period

The Clearwater River steelhead fishery is world class and draws anglers from throughout the Untitled States and beyond because of its larger fish.
Columbia River: The 4h largest river in the United States and the largest river empting into the Pacific Ocean. The Columbia's length is over 1200  miles. The river enters the Pacific Ocean at at Astoria, Oregon from here it flows along the border of Washington and Oregon until it reaches Kennewick,  Washington where it turns North and continues on through Washington into Canada. It's head waters are deep in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

This river has been heavily utilized for Hydroelectrical usage by dam construction. There are 14 dams on it's main stem with numerous dams on it's tributaries. No other river system in the United States produces more electrical power.

Even though this river is heavily utilized for power, transportation and irrigation it remains one of the major migration routes for numerous species of andromidous fish. Some of the most treasured of these are Spring Chinook Salmon, Fall Chinook, Sockeye and Steelhead.
There are other species of fish that are also enjoyed by anglers incuding the White sturgeon.
In the past Sturgeon would migrate up the river from the Pacific Ocean to feed and spawn in the free flowing river. However, today populations of Sturgeon are trapped between dams. Due to their size they are not able to utilize fish ladders that allow the andromadous fish to travel upstream to their spawning grounds. Today only a small fraction of the impounded areas have a healthy self sustaining population due to water conditions.