Steelhead Fishing on the Snake River in Lower Hells Canyon Washington and Idaho

Call Snake River Guides for open dates In the Thanksgiving thru the end of January time frame.

These dates will go fast so call soon!  Tom Bullock (509-295-1904)

Large numbers of steelhead may be hooked and boated early in the season. As the year progresses the water cools and these fish become a bit less aggressive but the fishery tends to remain stable and quite productive throughout the winter months..

The most common types of fishing on the Snake River is drifting bait, back trolling plugs or bobber fishing with jigs or shrimp. Each method produces fish and there is no "best" way in every situation; however, being able to adapt and change according to the conditions can increase your success.

Along with wonderful fishing, the river corridor is a scenic experience in itself, with many species of wildlife inhabiting the canyon slopes - Bald eagles, big horn sheep, deer and river otters are a few that are often seen...a bonus to a great day of fishing!!.

This magnificent river with its unique beauty, abundant wildlife and fantastic steelhead fishing is a true gem. Come and experience the adventure of Steelhead fishing on the Snake River. 
Winter steelhead caught in the lower Hells Canyon area of the Snake River.
Average weight of these sea going trout is between 4 and 8 pounds with some fish going considerably larger.  These fish may not be the largest steelhead around, but what they lack in size they make up for in numbers and are incredible fighters.
These photos show the typical size fish; however, it is not unusual for fish much larger to be found in the Snake River.
From early fall to early spring this river system will provide good fishing for steelhead
bright Snake River steelhead
snake river steelhead fishing provides another fine steelhead
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