Guided Sturgeon trips in the Hells Canyon region of the Snake River.

Snake River Guides is promoting several experienced Sturgeon guides who are knowledgeable, experienced and willing to work hard to provide you with an enjoyable fishing experience.  They provide a no gimmick, no nonsense service and rely on return clients and word of mouth referrals.

These are professional fishing guides who work full time in the fishing profession, guiding Steelhead in the fall and winter and Salmon and Sturgeon in the spring and summer months.

They will be fishing the Snake River exclusively this summer and will work to provide the same quality of trip we always worked hard to provide.  No oversized egos and a good work ethic makes them special. Making your trip enjoyable is their priority.

All our Snake River Guides have the same attitude and feelings about Sturgeon that we do. They are a living treasure that need to be treated properly. We do not feel fishing and fighting them causes any undue problems if the procedure is done properly. We also want others to know them and love what they are. This type of knowledge will protect them for future generations.

There are a few things that need to be considered and done when sturgeon fishing and our guides have gone beyond the usual part time guide and even some of the full time guides.  Their attention to detail and desire in providing the high quality tools and including vessels that were built specifically for the job, show their desire to give guests the best possible experience.
Trophy Sturgeon Fishing on the Snake River 
Trophy sized White Sturgeon caught in the lower Hells Canyon region of the Snake River.

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We have RETIRED but would like you to have and use the information we have been providing. the public for the past 12 years
Large Snake River Sturgeon and happy fisherman

Equipment :
Limiting the time from hook up to beaching a sturgeon is important.  To achieve this the fishing equipment is high quality and designed to fight big fish. 

Big reels with good drags help put that extra pressure on really large fish, To go with those reels are rods that have enough backbone to handle the work and they are short enough to give you an advantage when working fish.
Fighting belts to help you handle the rod are onboard.

The guide will coach the guest and aid them in any way possible to get their fish to the beach. Almost never is a fish landed in the rocks.  There is too much potential to bruise or injure a thrashing fish and sandy beaches are always close by in the areas we fish. As you can tell these magnificent animals are more than just a paycheck to all associated with Snake River Guides.

Even the bait boxes contain number of proven items some fresh, some commercial and some our secret!  This can help when the fish are being picky or simply off the bite.

No one can guarantee that every outing will end with a trophy fish. However, having a variety of baits provides a better chance of enticing a fish to bite.

During our time as an Outfitter in Idaho and Guide in Washington we always worked to provided a service where the Guest came first. No Hype, no gimmicks and no ego trips, we never felt that we needed to promote ourselves in that manner. Our motto has always been  "actions speak louder than words" and most of our clients came back year after year and recommenced us to their friends.  We knew we were doing the job right.

Since retiring, we have been working with some of the new generation of professional fishing guides and are pleased to see the same attitudes and professional behavior we feel  necessary to succeed and do well.  A lot of things have changed over the years and professionals today work in a service industry that deals with the a more educated outdoor public.

Our website will continue  to promote only the best in the upcoming  group of professional people.

Because our people are full time fishing guides, they understand that it takes a large investment in time, tackle, and a boat that is designed to work. These vessels are not simply pleasure boats that are used to fill a need. They were custom designed to fish clients comfortably and safely. They are wide, stable and can handle our river with ease.

Summer fishing has some issues that are covered by providing these working vessels with tops and side curtains. We feel that shade is a necessity not a nicety.
The fishing guides highlighted by Snake River Guides are licensed by the US Coast Guard, Washington Department of Fisheries, and have a Washington Business License.
10 foot white sturgeon
Snake River trophy Sturgeon
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